Questions and answers

Doña Lola is in the centre of Lucena, a town of Córdoba located in the heart of Andalucía.

You will find a lot of bars, restaurants and all kinds of stores near to Doña Lola.

We are also surrounded by beautiful villages, which are very well located concerning the rest of Andalusian provinces.

The hotel entrance are made from 15.00 and the departures are until 12.00.

If you search a private option, the best one is the Lucena Municipal Parking.

It is just one minute walk from Doña Lola, and showing your booking, you will an excellent rate: 8, 00€/per day (24 hrs.) with the possibility of moving the car as many times as you need.

*If the parking is complete, it will be necessary to wait until the parking is available.

Once you have the parking cards, you can enter without having to make the queue, even if the parking panel shows that it is complete.

We propose two perfect options: Bar “La Peña” and “Territorio Terraza” (30 seconds and 1 minute walking from the hotel).

Doña Lola makes sure that our guests have a very special treatment in both restaurants.  You will have more information the day of your arrival.

-Respect the hours of rest and make a responsible use of all facilities.

– Smoking is not allowed in the building (not even on the balconies of the rooms), only on the terraces.

–  Although we love, pets are not allowed in Doña Lola at this time.

– It its totally required to enjoy and be happy in Doña Lola.

Please, keep in mind that we have not 24-hours reception and it is important for us to know your arrival hour.

You can tell us the reason for your visit and your plans, so we can design a fantastic stay for you.